Youth services


The independent living program provides current and former foster youth, ages 15-18, services needed to pursue a successful lifestyle. The case management team offers mentoring, support services, coaching and advocacy, focusing on four key life domains: daily living skills, employment, education and housing.

The program is designed to assist youth during the critical period between the time they leave foster care until they reach age 23. Our mission is to help them become independent and self-sufficient adults. We link them to resources within the community and help to keep them on right path to reach their full potential.


Youth are eligible for the IL program if they are/were age 15-17 in an established dependency through DCYF or a tribal child welfare agency and in an out-of-home foster care placement for at least 30 days between ages 15 -18. Once initial eligibility is determined, the youth will continue to be eligible until the age of 23.

If a youth enters a permanent plan (returns home, Title 13 guardianship, etc.) after meeting the criteria of eligibility, they continue to be eligible for services from the IL program.


This program focuses on helping youth transition to independency. It includes their assessment with several life domains (Ansell-Casey), career exploration, employment support housing support and assistance, life skills, and stable and healthy connections. The program links them to a variety of community resources and helps keep them on the path to attain their full potential.

Eligibility for this program is the same as that shown above.


This program helps young adults access safe and affordable housing by helping them find and secure their own lease through various housing options such as an apartment, share living, or room rentals. The program provides intensive case management and financial assistance, with the goal of preparing young adults who are alumni of foster care to become independent and self-sufficient.

Eligibility for this program is the same as that shown above.


This program helps guide foster youth and unaccompanied homeless youth in their journey through high school or GED completion and provide a smooth transition to college or vocational training. A qualified case manager works one-on-one with each student, coaching them throughout the process.

Enrollment in this program allows participants to identify post-secondary goals, stay on-track with their current educational plan, link to other resources to aid in their current and future educational successes, and access information about scholarships and grants available to foster youth who want to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities.

A student is eligible if they are:

  • In foster care in Washington State or experiencing unaccompanied homelessness
  • Between the ages of 13-21
  • Enrolled in high school or a recognized GED program

For more information, check out the Washington Student Achievement Council website at: